vassilis zorbas - managing director

Vassilis Zorbas was born in Athens in 1974, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and holds an MBA from Cardiff Business School. He is a Business Development and EPC Executive with extensive International experience accompanied by a strong Technical background. He speaks 3 languages and possesses extensive experience in the recruitment, structure and leadership of multi-cultural teams accompanied with a broad experience in the Development and Execution of Utility scale Renewable Energy projects.

Vassilis started his career holding various managerial positions in Unisys and Procter & Gamble Greece. Since 2006 he has been working in the Renewable Energy sector in Project Development, EPC execution and General Management positions. After leading the Solar Engineering teams of strong international groups such as Wuerth Solar, Skysolar and Sunrise, he moved to Phoenix Solar where he served for 3 years as a General Manager for Greece and Commercial Director for Europe. In 2019 he founded Entricity, a firm specialised in Business Development, Design and Construction of Solar and Wind projects throughout Europe.

He has been involved in the development of Solar projects in Europe (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Ireland) and Middle East (Turkey, Jordan, Egypt) with overall capacity of more than 1,2GW. He has also initiated several SPA deals involving exchange of shares of Solar and Wind assets amounting to over €650 Mio

christina roumbedaki – head of development

Christina Roumpedaki studied Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. Christina started her career as quality control manager in the accredited wind assessment laboratory of Kopelouzos Group of companies according to ISO 17025:2005.

Since 2010 as Strategic Project Coordinator with a successful background in the delivery of multiple/complex projects within set timeframes, budgets and to a high-quality standard she has contributed in order SOLAR CELLS HELLAS GROUP build upon their reputation as solar pv developer and technical consultant.

Her role varied in its nature and included providing technical advisory services to clients/management of the group and technical due diligence for developers and investors. In this role she was given hands-on and project management responsibilities for delivering complex projects (medium to large scale solar power plants& wind parks).

In 2020 joined Entricity as Head of Development Department, a firm specialised in Business Development, Design and Construction of Solar and Wind projects throughout Europe and currently expanding its operations in e-mobility and energy storage.

nikos themelis – head of technical

Nikos started working as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in 2004 and for the first 5 years of his career he was involved in the coordination of subcontractors, construction, estimation of quantities, survey of electro-mechanological quantities and as-built drawings preparation. He has also served as a Project Manager in the design and construction of a new Fiber Optics (Telecom) cabling production factory located in Greece.

Since 2009 he has been involved in the Renewable Energy sector as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in the design, construction, procurement and O&M of large scale PV parks connected to MV and HV networks in Europe and Overseas.

Nikos holds a Mechanical Engineering degree at the National Technical University of Athens.

management team

Entricity team is comprised of a multidiscipline team of first-class and highly experienced professionals in renewable energy, with shared values and characteristics.

Our team currently comprises our Founder and Managing Director Vassilis Zorbas, supported by a highly experienced team of renewable energy professionals in Athens.

Our common values and characteristics are:


efficiency and quality in execution

The fact that the team has been working together for many years, united in its independence and professionalism, gives us the possibility to perform projects in an agile and efficient manner, always focusing on good execution to the satisfaction of our clients


professionalism, enthusiasm and delivery of results

During the last few years our team has successfully executed a number of challenging tasks, showing outmost professionalism and sharing a great enthusiasm for delivering the best results to our clients. This success has enabled us to raise the bar even higher and be ready to undertake new challenges, always focusing on the satisfaction of our clients.


specialized experience

The professionals that compose Entrtcity have worked with leading companies and institutions in the sector, where we led a number of important renewable energy projects, creating a valuable track record and building a strong specialized experience base to be used in our future projects


building long-term relationships with our clients

With the goal of offering high quality service, we all at Entricity are building long-term relationships with our clients, based on commitment, transparency and continuous communication so as to better understand their needs.


commitment to our values

All the members of our team have initiated their careers sharing the same values and ideas and this is the connection bond between all of us in our continuous quest for delivering top quality Consultancy Services in our field of operation.


social responsibility

Our code of ethics is valuing social contribution to the local communities wherever we operate with a strong commitment to creating a sustainable environment for the generations to come.


business strategy

Entricity’s strategy is based on:


geographic diversity

Our scope of operations is primarily the renewable energy sector with a geographical focus on the European continent plus any other country that has shown an interesting potential for the development of renewables.



We have grown a solid and diverse portfolio in the Renewable Energy Sector focusing on certain areas of specialization that enable us to serve our clients with the outmost professionalism and with the greatest expertise possible



We are an active participant in all major Renewable Energy events within our geographical scope where we enhance the range of our contacts and perspective clientele


constant development

Our team is an active follower of all the new developments in our sector, ensuring that we always remain up-to-date with all the technology enhancements and ensure that we provide state-of-the art consultancy to our clients


strategic partnerships

Throughout the course of our operation we have liaised with a number of important players in the market and we have established some strategic partnerships thus creating synergies enabling us to serve all the potential demands of our clients